First-Aid Supplies Checklist

First-Aid Checklist

Any time you venture into the outdoors for an extended period of time a First-Aid Kit should be at the top of your list of things to bring along. Whether it be a kit that you have put together yourself or one that was sold prepackaged, having one ready to go that you can easily grab is highly recommended. Additionally, you should run through your First-Aid Supplies Checklist any time you plan to use it for a trip.

The First-Aid Supplies Checklist we have put together below is relatively extensive. It contains everything from basic care items to items needed for extreme circumstances. You are always going to have a pretty good idea of the kind of conditions you will be facing. So, feel free to pick and choose from the list below and put together a First-Aid Kit that fits your needs.

How do I choose a proper First-Aid Kit?

There are a number of factors that go into choosing a First-Aid Kit that will properly fit the needs of a Camping, Hiking, or Backpacking trip. For example, what are the number of campers; what are the type of campers; what is the trip duration; what is the trip type? These are all questions that you have to answer and take into consideration when choosing a First-Aid Kit.  If you would like to read more about this topic we have put together a post that covers this more extensively. Feel free to follow the link below.

How to Choose the Best First-Aid Kit For Your Trip

Table of Contents

This list outlines the various categories of items that you may or may not need when preparing your First-Aid Supplies Kit for a Camping trip. You obviously do not need everything on this list. Every trip will have its own challenges and require its own items. However, hopefully, this list contains everything that you could potentially need. If you do end up needing something that is not on this list feel free to Contact us and let us know so that we can update this list for others in the future.

First-Aid Supplies Checklist Categories:

Basic Care

You may see some of the items listed in this section duplicated in others below. This Basic Care list is simply meant to provide you with a quick list for throwing together a quick and easy First-Aid Kit. You may want to grab a few other items from below to meet your basic needs. This is just our quick and easy recommendation.

  • Antiseptic wipes (BZK-based wipes preferred; alcohol-based OK)
  • Compound tincture of benzoin (bandage adhesive)
  • Splinter (fine-point) tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • First-aid manual or information cards
  • Antiseptic wipes (BZK-based wipes preferred; alcohol-based OK)
  • Antibacterial ointment (e.g., bacitracin)
  • Compound tincture of benzoin (bandage adhesive)
  • Assorted adhesive bandages (fabric preferred)
  • Butterfly bandages / adhesive wound-closure strips
  • Gauze pads (various sizes)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Nonstick sterile pads
  • Medical adhesive tape (10 yds roll, min. 1″ width)
  • Blister treatment
  • Ibuprofen / other pain-relief medication
  • Insect sting / anti-itch treatment
  • Antihistamine to treat allergic reactions
  • Splinter (fine-point) tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • First-aid manual or information cards

Wraps, Splints, and Wound Coverings

  • Assorted adhesive bandages (cloth/fabric recommended)
  • Butterfly bandages / adhesive wound-closure strips
  • Sterile Gauze pads (various sizes)
  • Nonstick sterile pads
  • Medical adhesive tape (10 yds roll, min. 1″ width)
  • Blister Treatment
  • Moleskin for blisters
  • Elastic wrap bandage (Ace bandage)
  • Triangular cravat bandage
  • Finger splint(s)
  • SAM splint(s)
  • Rolled gauze
  • Rolled, stretch-to-conform bandages
  • First-aid cleansing pads with topical anesthetic
  • Liquid bandage
  • Sterile cotton balls

First-Aid Kit - Hard Case

Trauma Items (Bleeding Wounds and Burns)

  • Hydrogel-based pads
  • Hemostatic (blood-stopping) gauze
  • Burn ointment
  • Hemostatic pads/dressings (such as QuikClot)
  • Tourniquet
  • Sterile heavy gauze
  • Gauze roller bandages
  • Butterfly bandages (or Zip stitch)
  • Medical adhesive tape (10 yds. roll, min. 1″ width)
  • Povidone-iodine solution
  • Tincture of Benzoin swabs
  • 2nd skin dressings

Medications, Ointments, and Creams

  • Prescription medications (e.g., antibiotics)
  • Antibacterial ointment (e.g., bacitracin)
  • Insect sting
  • Anti-itch treatment (poison ivy cream/cleansers)
  • Hydrocortisone cream
  • Calamine lotion
  • Ibuprofen (Motrin)/Acetometophin (Tylenol)/Naproxen (Aleve)/other pain-relief medication
  • Aspirin (primarily for a response to a heart attack)
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Anti-fungal creams
  • Antihistamine to treat allergic reactions
  • Sunburn relief gel or spray
  • Throat lozenges
  • Lubricating eye drops
  • Diarrhea medication (diamode/loperamide)
  • Antacid tablets (Tums, Rolaids, etc.)
  • Oral rehydration salts
  • Electrolytes
  • Glucose, a packet of honey, and/or other sugar (to treat hypoglycemia)
  • Injectable epinephrine aka Epi-pen (for severe allergic reactions)
  • Eye drops
  • Snakebite kit
  • Burn ointment
  • Aloe vera
  • Sterile irrigation solution
  • Probiotics
  • Activated charcoal
  • Emetics for inducing vomiting
  • Cough/cold/flu medicines
  • Lip balm
  • Tooth pain gel

Babies and Children

  • Children’s versions of medications, ointments, and gels
  • Nose aspirator
  • Measuring syringe
  • Diaper rash cream/Lanolin

Tools and Supplies

  • Tick removal tool
  • Splinter (fine-point) tweezers
  • Safety pins
  • Knife (or multi-tool with a knife)
  • Paramedic shears (blunt-tip scissors)
  • Safety razor blade (or scalpel w/ #15 or #12 blade)
  • Standard oral thermometer
  • Sterile irrigation syringe with 18-gauge catheter
  • Medical/Surgical gloves (nitrile preferred; avoid latex)
  • Duct tape
  • Superglue
  • Magnifying glass
  • Nail clippers
  • Twine

Additional Items

  • Personal information/Contact material
  • Coins for a payphone
  • CPR mask/barrier
  • Small notepad with waterproof pencil or pen
  • Medical waste bag (plus box for sharp items)
  • Tubular stockinette
  • Eye patches
  • Waterproof container to hold supplies and meds
  • Emergency heat-reflecting blanket
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Tissues
  • Road flares
  • First-aid manual
  • Small bottle of water
  • Small mirror
  • Disposable instant heat/cold packs
  • Water purification tablets
  • Lighter


Be sure to check your First-Aid Kit annually and replenish any exhausted or outdated medicines and supplies. And don’t forget always to take a well-stocked First-Aid Kit whenever you go Camping. Additionally, you should do a quick run through this First-Aid Supplies Checklist before each trip and make sure you are not missing anything from your First-Aid Kit. People commonly “borrow” various pieces from their kit throughout the year, and you could easily forget to put something back. If you are reaching for a First-Aid Kit, the situation is unlikely to be ideal. So, as always just make sure you are prepared before venturing out into the wilderness.

Now that we have covered First-Aid Supplies, feel free to go back to one of the other checklists available along the right-hand side of this page (down at the bottom if you are on a phone).